Friday, March 22, 2013

Turning Over a New School Leaf...

This week was a big week for Ronan.  Our little guy officially started school!  Ronan is attending a fantastic program three days a week.  It is a mix of (*deep breath*) "typical" children and developmentally delayed children.  Ronan had a great trial run a few weeks ago, and we all decided that he was ready for this big jump. 

On Monday, unfortunately, there were a lot of tears.  I went with him the first day.  I think he knew how excited I was for him, and I think he just needed one more day, holding onto his momma.  But, Wednesday was a better day, and Thursday was a great day.  Those days he smiled.  He read books.  He played with puzzles.  He played with other children.  I am so very hopeful that this will be a jumping point for Ronan; that he will see other children crawl or walk, and decide he should too.  That he will hear other children talk, and decide he should too.  The elephant in the room is each passing month when Ronan should be doing these things and he isn't.  I hope this is what Ronan needs. 

Ronan has a number of schedule changes this week.  Besides school, Ronan started OT this week.  We have been waiting for over a year to get on this particular OT's schedule, and I am already so excited by what she will bring Ronan.  Paul and I have asked our OT to help and focus on eating with Ronan.  We just have to make the leap to table foods.  We have our homework assignments, and hopefully we will start to see some results. 

Our busy little boy will now be doing the following:
  • Mondays: School
  • Tuesdays: PT & speech therapy
  • Wednesdays: School & OT
  • Thursdays: School
  • Fridays: PT
We will add his 3rd session of PT back in once he's settled into school.

Ronan works hard for where he is today.  We work hard to help Ronan get where he is today.  Ronan has a team of people - therapists, friends, and family - who help him get where he is today.  You have no idea how many days I wish he didn't have to do this.  That I wish his days were filled with parks, play dates, and just general, carefree times.  But I am so proud of him!  Every day he does something that amazes me.  He has done so many things were were gently (or not so gently) prepared for him not to do.  I think what gets me down some days is that he has to do these things.  I'm sure every parent feels like this at some point, but I wish I could work hard for him.  I wish he just be a 19 month old.

Today Ronan was playing on his mat while I was talking to our nanny before she went home.  As we were talking, I looked down and waved at Ronan.  He looked up, and signed "momma".  And that reset my heart, and built my spirit back up to tackle another day.


  1. He is doing so well. I love that he has a school to attend. Can't wait to hear all the updaes of the things he is doing.

  2. He's a hard working little guy and will make amazing progress that to his momma and daddy! Janie

  3. I second what Janie said! I cannot wait to hear all about Ronan's adventures at school. I know he will have an adjustment period but I know he will do great!

  4. Yay for OT! I know all about OT (working for the national OT association will do that.) :-)

    I shared this post on AOTA's Facebook page this week and thought about you: